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No Cucumbers Allowed

Don’t get us wrong, cucumbers are wonderful . . . to eat.  But we’re all about health and wellness at the Austin Bodyworker, not pampering with fruit. Our clinical approach to massage therapy is made to relieve pain, heal injuries, and maintain your body. We’re not a spa, we’re bodyworkers.

It’s Easy

to Feel Good

Simple exercises and equipment can make a world of difference. The Austin Bodyworker can teach you to help yourself feel better every day. Watch how a foam roller can help release stress.

Our Approach

Our approach is science-based. We focus on particular muscle groups to address whatever the client specifically needs – in both the short and long-term.

We are re-orienting people to what massage can be—bringing science back into the picture, and focusing on real benefits. Massage is about health, not luxury. We don't do spa massage. No cucumbers allowed.

At The Austin Bodyworker, we are a team of health care professionals who work hard to provide you with the best quality care possible at the most reasonable rates. This is why we don't accept any tips.

We are a high-caliber clinical massage therapy practice located in a new, expanded office at 12th and Lamar Blvd. Each therapist on staff is nationally certified, licensed, and at the top of their field.

Best Massage Therapist of 2012